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Talks begin, but feelings run high in Hackney

I have been the chairman of Woodberry Down School for around 10 years now and have fully supported Greg Wallace, executive principal of Whitmore Primary and the Best Start Federation, of which Woodberry is a part, in all he does.

Greg's exceptional leadership has led to two of the three schools in our federation being judged "outstanding" and the third "good with outstanding features".

Even the NUT members in the schools have shown their support for what Greg does and have condemned what Hackney NUT is doing and saying.

As far as Whitmore goes, Greg and his team have asked nothing of the staff that you would not expect from a good teacher. At the end of the day, the school has a long history of poor attainment and something needs to be done.

Peter Passam, Chairman, Woodberry Down School, Hackney, London.

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