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Literacy: Ages 8 to 11

Literacy: Ages 8 to 11

Literacy: Ages 8 to 11

Dance auditions and literacy don't normally mix, but it's certainly one way to liven up a lesson on prefixes.

Divide pupils into groups of four and assign a prefix to each group member: dis, un, mis and im. Ask everyone to write a word beginning with their prefix. Check spellings, then copy the word on to card and cut it in two, separating the prefix from the rest of the word. Ask groups to shuffle their eight cards before moving to the hall. There, every group swaps card packs. Start the music as pupils deal their cards and then skip around hunting for their partner until everyone is paired up.

Hold a final audition when all the cards have been collected, shuffled and dealt. How long will all the partners take to be matched?

To finish, partners should tango to the front of the hall with a flourish and announce their combined word.

Eileen Jones is a literacy specialist in Warwickshire.

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