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Off target

SPORTS minister Kate Hoey has missed the point about physical education in schools and is confusing this with sport games (TES, September 8).

What we actually need is well-qualified PE teachers to make sure that our pupils are properly taught the skills, as well as the safety aspects, of physical exercise.

Then we need to expand our extra-curricular activities to offer a full and exciting range of sports to encourage young people to be active and fit members of society.

In order o do this, we do not need ministers telling us that we should get unqualified but willing teachers to take on a specialised activity in the curriculum.

Teachers and parents who give up their free time should be congratulated for their enthusiasm but also trained to deliver the right programmes for youngsters whose physical development is still in transition from child to adult.

Terry Creissen

Principal, Colne community school

Church Road

Brightlingsea, Essex

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