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How well are you doing? Sara Bubb recommends you check your rate of progress.In the run-up to Christmas, don't forget to have a meeting with your induction tutor about your end-of-term assessment, which rates your progress.

The local authority induction team should send the form to the school, but it's also at[QQ]Don't photocopy evidence, because everything you've been doing as a real teacher should be evidence for how well you're meeting the core standards. Having said that, it'll help your induction tutor if you make notes on your progress against three headings: professional attributes, knowledge and understanding, and skills.

Confusion arises because there is tension between Ofsted inspection criteria and the core standards. Ofsted focuses on pupils' progress, but standards don't explicitly mention them. Standard C30 is closest: you have to "teach engaging and motivating lessons... designed to raise levels of attainment". But you only have to plan to improve attainment, not actually deliver it.

You can't "fail" your first or second term on induction - it is only the judgment at the end of the third term that can have dire consequences. But your headteacher does have to say if he or she thinks you're likely to meet the standards by the end of the year. If not, the school and the local authority should ensure that you have enough support and monitoring for success.

During the assessment meeting, you can suggest additions or revisions so you feel the form is accurate. You should be clear about your strengths and areas for further development, as well as your targets.

Write a professional comment on the form before it's signed and posted. Then pop a glitter-free copy into your professional portfolio and get back to festive fun.

Sara Bubb is an educational consultant specialising in induction. She regularly answers questions at

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