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Target practice;Diary

IT COULD have gone out with a bang ... but sadly Brockhurst Park school's plans to bid farewell to GM status by blowing itself up are indefinitely on hold.

The Kent school abandoned one of its buildings after a safety audit, carried out when it went GM, ruled it broke fire regulations. It has grand plans for the building, including a much-needed community centre.

The stumbling block is the asbestos that was found in the building which has pushed up the price of both renovation and rebuilding.

Demolition and rebuild proved the cheaper option but sadly even that is out of their price range - despite a kind offer of help from the Welsh Guards, based nearby.

"The best commercial quote we had for blowing it up was pound;60,000," says head Tony Lyng. "The Welsh Guards were prepared to do it for pound;8,000. They don't get much chance to practise on real buildings."

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