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Tarrant foxes quiz teachers

TEACHERS' record on Chris Tarrant's hit TV quiz Who wants to be a millionaire? leaves a lot to be desired - only students and engineers put in a worse performance.

Over six series, teachers have won an average of just pound;8,400 and nonehas won more than pound;16,000. Compare that to the four unemployed people who have netted an average of pound;22,250.

Top performers are taxi and bus drivers who average pound;72,400. Prison officers on pound;70,500, and police who took pound;32,000 per person. The four students came away with only pound;2,000. Engneers scooped an average pound;7,000.

Jan Garner, the show's latest teacher, settled for pound;8,000 after failing to answer "In which film did Roger Moore first play James Bond?" (Answer: Live and Let Die).

Buckinghamshire deputy head Peter Thomas, who won pound;1,000, didn't know that the Lib Dems' leader was Charles Kennedy.

However, the curse appears to lift when you leave the profession. Former Rochdale teacher Geoff Aquatius won pound;32,000 and Malcolm Cawley, a retired Pembrokeshire teacher, pound;64,000 last year.

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