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Tarred with disaffected brush

ON reading the article about Malmesbury school (TES, July 13) I was dismayed to find it illustrated by a picture of my daughter and her classmate, with the caption: "Dealing with the disaffected ...". The impact was increased by its juxtaposition to the heading of the adjoining article "Parents ordered to control children" and its inclusion in a double-page spread on "problem" children.

Although the article dealt well with the problems faced by rural schools, I object most strongly to the fact that the photograph was taken at random, without the prior consent of pupils or teacher and particularly without their knowledge of the contents of the article which it was to illustrate.

Susan Curtis

Brooklands Silver Street

Minety, Wiltshire

The editor writes: There was no intention to imply that the girls in the photograph were disaffected. We apologise for any embarrassment the picture and caption may have caused.

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