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Task force to expedite appeals

A TOTAL of 6,250 "urgent" Higher and CSYS appeals had been received by midweek, more than 12 times last year's figure of 500. These are for final decisions awaited by applicants to colleges and universities who need their grades confirmed.

The authority said it had 277 principal assessors and senior examiners standing by to deal with these appeals by the promised deadline of September 20. An extra 50 data input and administrative staff have been brought in for the urgent appeals.

Contingency lans have been drawn up for an expected avalanche of 120,000 appeals overall, compared with 47,000 last year, with more than 120 principal assessors and 440 examiners in place. Another 100 data input and administration personnel will be involved if necessary.

Bill Morton hopes the fact that missing data has been restored will have been taken into account by schools before deciding to submit appeals. "But I can understand the degree of angst that teachers, parents and their pupils have."

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