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Teach First doesn't treat theorists as second class

I read with interest "A little room for the untrendy theorists" by Michael Shaw (Editorial, TESpro, 19 October) but want to clarify Teach First's position in relation to the awarding of PGCEs and the teaching of learning theories.

First, the piece incorrectly suggests that Teach First teachers do not receive a PGCE. In fact, all Teach First participants receive a PGCE on successful completion of their first year on the two-year leadership development programme.

Second, the suggestion that Teach First teachers may not be familiar with the four key learning theories from Dewey, Maslow, Bruner and Vygotsky is incorrect. As part of their studies, Teach First participants, like all teachers working towards a PGCE qualification, become familiar with a range of learning theories, including the four cited. Teach First understands the crucial role learning theories play in the development of our teachers and is careful to integrate them into training. We are focused on ensuring that our teachers have access to the theories, insights and experiences that will help them to raise the achievement of pupils in schools in challenging circumstances.

Reuben Moore, Teach First's senior associate director of leadership development.

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