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Teacher accepts she is unfit to teach

A primary teacher employed by Glasgow City Council, Mary Santos, waived her right to a full disciplinary hearing and accepted that she was unfit to teach and should be removed from the register this week.

Ms Santos accepted that she lacked knowledge of the curriculum as well as the understanding of theory and practical skills required; she failed to organise her classroom so that it provided a stimulating learning environment for pupils; was not able to apply health and safety regulations appropriately; and failed to manage pupil behaviour in a fair, consistent and informed manner.

The fitness to teach panel was told that in lesson observations, Ms Santos did not use praise and gave only negative feedback to pupils.

"At one group of eight pupils, one child was writing while the rest had nothing to do as a result of the nature of the task that had been allocated. You turned your back to the class and were not consistently monitoring what was happening in the room," the panel was told in a lesson observation report.

Ms Santos also failed to apply formative and summative assessment strategies and monitor pupils' progress.

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