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Teachers' comments

Katrina Harrell head of English

"The project has encouraged me to think about what assessment really means.

It's too often associated with a summative process, whereby the student has little opportunity to rectify or improve their work.

"I believe that an effective teacher continually assesses the students' learning in order to move it forward. The project has raised my awareness of the many ways that I assess students and has underlined the importance of sharing that process with them."

Roger Higton, science teacher, head of year

"Assessment for learning has given me a greater insight into the way I interact with the students. They, in turn, became more aware of what I was trying to do. They began to help me to help them learn.

"Rather than me just being involved in 'crowd control' and dispensing knowledge, a partnership developed, based on mutual respect and trust. It was one where we all felt comfortable with being challenged, where we could all make mistakes.

"We were all responsible for what went on in the classroom, and an understanding of this responsibility played its part in raising achievement and making the process of teaching more satisfying."

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