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Teachers fear 'second-class' status

Teacher governors fail to get a mention in the select committee's report - despite union concerns that new government regulations could make them second class members, writes Karen Thornton.

The report focuses almost exclusively on education authority governors, and makes only passing reference to other categories such as parent governors.

But the unions fear new regulations will result in teachers and other staff representatives being excluded from governors' discussions of crucial issues such as pay and appraisal. Consultations on the new regulations closed last month.

They replace a long-standing test of financial interest for deciding when individual governors should withdraw from meetings. Instead, a more general requirement says they should withdraw where there is reasonable doubt about their ability to act impartially.

The National Union of Teachers, in its evidence to the committee, warned:

"The select committee should make it clear that it rejects any idea that teacher governors should act as anything other than full members of governing bodies."

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