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Teachers' friend

Peter Wilby ("Why Prince Charles is abusing his position", TES, November 23) has misunderstood the nature of the Prince's Teaching Institute. His criticisms are baseless and nonsensical.

The Prince's Teaching Institute is by teachers for teachers. It works in partnership with Cambridge University and has the support of the Training and Development Agency, Ofsted and the Children, Schools and Families Secretary. It would not have been established without the enthusiasm of the teachers who have attended the summer schools. Unlike other professions, there is no mandatory requirement for teachers to refresh their subject knowledge. The summer schools do just that, and teachers tell us how positively it has affected their teaching and improved the attainment and enthusiasm of their pupils.

The institute was established to support teachers. It is not in any way an accrediting body, nor a cynical exercise in influencing the curriculum.

Chris Pope and Bernice McCabe, Co-Directors, The Prince's Teaching Institute, London.

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