Teachers’ goosebumps as pupil grabs maths world record

Watch: Boy aged 10 is world’s fastest times-tabler after ‘astonishing effort which defies belief’

Times tables

What’s the fastest your pupils can do times tables? How about 196 questions correctly answered in one minute?

That’s the score achieved by Nadub Gill, aged 10, of Longmoor Primary School in Long Eaton, who has set a new Guinness World Record for the fastest number of times-tables questions answered in a minute.

Around 700 official world record attempts have been made by children all over the world during lockdown, according to Maths Circle Ltd, which runs the Times Tables Rock Stars website on which Nadub broke the record – by achieving more than three correct answers per second.

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Longmoor headteacher Sue Dainty said: “We first recognised Nadub's gift with multiplication facts back in February when he amazed the school with his skill in Longmoor's Got Talent. 

“Everyone in the room felt the goosebumps on the back of their necks – children, parents and teachers.  It created a buzz throughout school for learning times tables. 

“Not just the children, but everyone in school is in awe of Nadub and he has truly inspired other children to work hard and motivated them to improve their own skill and to try to match his speed.”

Founder of Times Tables Rock Stars, Bruno Reddy said the achievement was “astonishing”.

He said: “The numbers don’t make sense when you think about it – more than 3 correct answers every second – which makes it one of those rare achievements that defies belief.

“Nadub’s astonishing score has pushed the boundary of what anyone thought was possible on Times Tables Rock Stars and I suspect it will be a long time before anyone beats it. Nadub has our full admiration, not only for earning the title but also for his humble attitude when receiving it.“


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