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Teachers need support not the sack

Further to your piece about teacher quality ("Lemon aid", 16 September), while there will always be a minority of employees who do not meet the required standards in any profession, given that teaching is a uniquely challenging profession it is hardly surprising that some staff struggle. But what kind of support do teachers get if they are failing?

The Teacher Support Network regularly receives calls from teachers who are struggling in the classroom but cannot find the appropriate professional support they require. Some are dealing with personal or domestic issues. Others have difficulty navigating relationships with parents. Many are afraid to ask for help and some senior management teams find it difficult or can be anxious about addressing areas of concern at an early stage.

We have found that some of the teachers who have been labelled "bad" are simply lacking skills and experience. With advice and coaching, many can go on to have very successful, rewarding careers in education.

Julian Stanley, Group chief executive, Teacher Support Network.

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