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Teaching abroad

I am about to qualify as a key stages 1 and 2 teacher and have a newly qualified teacher post for next year. It's a little premature, but at some point I would like to teach abroad (possibly New Zealand, but I am interested in other places too) and wanted to know where I might start looking to find out about this?

You should certainly finish your induction year before considering going abroad, because that will make it much easier to return to teaching in the UK. Many teachers find a period working abroad worthwhile, and even, in some cases, better paid. Many overseas schools and governments (including the New Zealand government) advertise in the back pages of 'The TES' job sections, so that's a good place to start. You could then do a web search to see how posts are advertised in the area where you are interested in working. Don't forget, too, that the British Council has some exchange opportunities.

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