Teaching skills

High Expectations Do you:

Encourage high standards of effort, accuracy and presentation?

Tailor lessons appropriately to challenge all pupils in the class?

Vary motivational strategies for different individuals?

Allow students to take respons-ibility for their own learning?

Draw on pupil experiences or ideas relevant to the lesson?

Do you:

Communicate a clear plan and objectives for the lesson at its start?

Have the necessary materials and resources ready for the class?

Link lesson objectives to the national curriculum?

Review what pupils have learned at the end of the lesson?

Time and resource management

Methods and strategies

Do you:

Involve all pupils in the lesson?

Use a variety of activitieslearning methods?

Apply teaching methods appropriate to national curriculum objectives?

Use a variety of questioning techniques to probe pupils' knowledge and understanding?

Encourage the pupils to use a variety of problem-solving techniques?

Give clear instructions and explanations?

Ensure practical activity has a clear purpose in improving pupils' understanding or achievement?

Listen and rspond to pupils?

Pupil managementdiscipline

Do you:

Keep the pupils on task (doing the intended exercise) throughout the lesson?

Correct bad behaviour immediately?

Praise good achievement and effort?

Treat different children fairly?

Manage support teachersstaff well?

Do you:

Structure the lesson to use the time available well?

Ensure the lesson lasts for the planned time?

Use learning resources to enhance pupils' opportunities?

Use an appropriate pace?

Allocate your time fairly among pupils?


Do you:

Focus on understanding and meaning? Factual memory? Skills mastery? Applications in real-life settings?

Use tests and competitions to assess understanding?

Recognise misconceptions and clear them up?

Provide evidence of pupils' written work having been marked or otherwise assessed?

Encourage pupils to do better next time?

Homework Planning

Do you:

Set homework either to consolidate or extend the coverage of the lesson?

Follow up homework in subsequent lessons?

Explain what learning objectives pupils will get from homework?

Source: HayMcBer

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