Techno-phobia is unfounded

I READ with interest the recent article on the demands of working in a city technology college (TES, June 16).

I taught in a city technology college from 1991 to 1997 and I have just returned to a teaching post in the same college after nearly three years as successful head of department in a local authority school.

One of the issues central to working in a CTC is innovation and this does bring an increased workload. But what your writer perceives as demands could arguably be seen as opportunities.

The author states, "I bored my partner senseless with concerns about sorting out my budget, timetabling and staffing structure" and "the need to justify my department's existence". Surely these are issues which any head of department has to face.

One of my main reaons for returning to the CTC is to work in an environment where people are important, whether they be staff, students, parents or other.

In its brief 10-year history the college has gained a number of awards confirming its commitment to people. It is also about to become a Beacon school.

From a parental perspective CTC's are extremely successful and ours is heavily oversubscribed. It has excellent academic achievements and offers students a caring pastoral element. We have close links with the community and are involved with a number of first schools and a special school.

Like many others I enjoy working in a progressive environment and gain enormous satisfaction from the available opportunities.

Graham Penkett

13 St George's Avenue, Harrogate

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