LIVE WELL, LIVE WISELY. By Cath Miller and James Pitt. Intermediate Technology Publications, pound;11.50

Available from 103 - 105 Southampton Row, London WC1B 4HH. Tel: 020 7436 9761 Few would argue against the need to maintain a broad approach to teaching design and technology. While working with a range of materials, pupils should deal with a range of scenarios and consider many, sometimes conflicting, design constraints.

Finding a starting point to move away from the confines of the classroom is sometimes difficult, but one area that many teachers may want to explore is that of sustainable development. Education for sustainable development gives pupils an understanding of the environmental, social and economic issues involved in any technological activity. Every product will have an immediate impact but could also have longer-term consequences for the world in which we live. Just think about the motor car.

Live Well, Live Wisely is a valuable resource to support design and technology in key stage 3. The focus is on sustainable and appropriate technologies,presenting complex issues in an accessible and attractive format. The resource pack includes teacher's notes, case studies and worksheets. Focused tasks help pupils to develop the skills and knowledge to be applied in design and activities are linked to case studies. The material is photocopiable and well laid-out.

The four themes of food, transport, solar power and personal appearance have been carefully chosen to show appropriate technology in action around the world. Each case study is accompanied by colour picture cards illustrating key points for pupils.

The projects included in the pack may spark pupil's interest to explore further the role of appropriate technology in sustainable development. Each unit includes details of where to get more information and the pack is a supplement to the Sustainable Technology education project's website - The material will also be of interest to teachers of science, human-ities, citizenship and PSHE.

Bob Welch is senior adviser (curriculum and assessment) for Bracknell Forest, Berkshire

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