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The families in these communities lived in a totally sustainable environment. They relied on nothing but the immediate environment they lived in. They also learned from objects. Scientist and designer Dr Donald Norman wrote: "It is things that make us smart." He adds that the design of objects has made us progressively smarter in the way we work and live out our lives.

* KS3. Students can look at some of the tools and artefacts used at this time and try to guess what equivalents we have in our houses now. The rugs on the floor of the cave were animal skins; we now use carpets bought in shops.

* KS4. Read The Total Beauty of Sustainable Products, by Edwin Datschefski, which gives an excellent account of many products and considers the environment in their production and use. Select a product and discuss.

* KS5. Students can try, with help, to identify the objects or requirements which may have induced people to invent farming techniques.

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