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Aliens arrive on a spaceship and they like the idea of underpants. The trouble is they have really differently shaped bodies.

* KS12 students can design and draw an alien and design suitable underpants; invent a name for the underpants, eg alipants.

* In KS3 the whole class has the opportunity to design an undergarment for someone famous of their choosing. Their designs will reflect the character they choose, and will be sold at auction for charity - eg Jean Paul Gaultier for Madonna. Send your idea to the person you choose.

* KS4 students have invented underpants that clean themselves. How would this affect the market and other companies, and what environmental, moral and social issues are there if they were to go into production? Would anyone wear them?

* Develop a scenario in which a company approaches KS5 students to design a comfortable but disposable undergarment. What materials would be used to make this article of clothing? Would there be a market for such an idea? Again, encourage the students to discuss this idea from a moral point of view. Are you wasting material or would it be possible to design a garment that is biodegradable?

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