Ted's teaching tips

This picture of someone overcome by heat in public opens up discussion in several areas, from the role of the monarchy to the nature of stress.


Do you like pageantry. If yes, why? (colour, splendour, history, music, pattern?) If not, why not? (too expensive, boring, old-fashioned?). What state ceremonies have you seen? What purpose do they serve?


Why did the guardsman faint? (temporary reduction of blood supply to the brain because of heavy bearskin helmet, heat, standing still). What can be done? (avoid stress in hot conditions, move feet; if already fainted, remove helmet, open collar, raise legs to increase blood supply to brain, call ambulance).


What is your view about having a monarch or president? What are the advantagesdisadvantages of each? Stability, suitability, tourism, glamour, credibility, representativeness, democracy? What powers does the monarch have nowadays? (little compared with Henry VIII). What events have increased the role of Parliament? (magna carta, execution of Charles I, civil war).


Write a picture caption with speech bubbles, like "Just time for a quick nap before the parade" (guardsman); "Wake up, we've started" (Queen) or "Hold tight, ma'am, I'm going to jump over him" (horse).

Ted Wragg is professor of education at Exeter University

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