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Ted's teaching tips

"Aaaargh!" Or should that be "Yummy!"? We take our own food habits for granted, but what about other countries'?


What is your favourite meal, and why? Would you like to eat these alligators and grubs? Do you think any food that we eat might seem strange to other people? Would you eat sea lice (prawns), vegetables cooked in boiling fat or oil (chips), squashed berries (jam, ice cream), or dead birds (chicken)?

International imports

Our food is now international. What sort of food ideas have we imported from abroad? (Italian - pizza, pasta, fruit ices; Indian - curry, samosas; French - croissants, crepes; German - hot dogs, sauerkraut; Spanish - pa lla; Chinese -sweet and sour, bean shoots, rice dishes; American - beefburgers, deep fried chicken.) Cooking

Who does the cooking in your house? If your parents were away, could you cook for yourself, without burning the house down? What would you eat if you were out camping and had no food left? Could you survive?


Write a funny speech bubble over one of the plates, like "Are you sure this is the starting line for the hundred metres?" (alligators). Make up an imaginary conversation when you have been taken to this restaurant as a treat by a relative: "Er, I think I ordered chicken and chips, Aunt Edna?" Ted Wragg is professor of education at Exeter University

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