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Ted's teaching tips;The big picture

'Marketing' is a frequently used term nowadays, as is 'gimmick', and this picture is a startling example. Both terms have found more expression in America than in Britain, until recently.


What is 'marketing'? How do people bring their products to our attention? Can you think of various TV ads, posters, logos and symbols (eg, Shell, British Telecom) that are particularly striking? Why do some campaigns, images or slogans leave a greater impression than other types of advert? Are you influenced by them (try to be honest!)?


What sort of shoes do we wear and for what purpose (trainers, 'best' shoes, slippers, wellies, working boots)? What hard and soft materials are used and why (leather, steel toecaps, wool, cotton, synthetics)? How often do you buy shoes and what do you look for?

'Image' and people

This picture tries to give a 'fun' image to shoes, but how do images of people or groups get constructed? What is the public image of various pop and sports stars, television personalities, politicians? How would you describe the 'image' of someone like Richard Branson, the Spice Girls, or other figures in the public eye?


Plan a marketing campaign to sell fridges to the Inuit, persuade more people to give to charity, or take more exercise instead of watching too much television.

Ted Wragg is professor of education at Exeter University.

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