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Our home is supposed to be our castle, but this picture shows how homeless people try to create a home, even on the street or the underground.

Homelessness Why do people become homeless? Poverty? Fall out with their family and leave? Discharged from hospital, prison, with nowhere to go? Unemployment? If you were homeless, how would you survive (begging, stealing, casual work; sleep under a bridge or in a shop doorway; find a cardboard box or newspapers for insulation)?

Self-esteem What is self-esteem (respect for ourselves)? What happens when people lose it (neglect their appearance, have poor opinion of own ability, lack confidence)? How can you build up your own or someone else's self-esteem (think of your good points, don't dwell on your bad points; praise people, treat them with respect)? Note how these Japanese people try to create a tidy home on the street.

Japan Why is Japan a wealthy country (strong international and domestic market, leader in technological development)? What goods do you own that are Japanese (televisions, radios, hi-fi, made by Sony, Toshiba, Mitsubishi; cars such as Toyota, Nissan, Honda)? What happens if you are poor in a rich country: should the state look after you, or the employers, or should you fend for yourself?

Writing You lose your job and have no money and no home. Describe how you survive.

Ted Wragg is professor of education at Exeter University

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