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Robin Buss

GCSE Bitesize Revision: Science: Physics. BBC2. Monday, June 10, 2-4am

One of the big ones this week, covering electricity, magnetism, energy, forces, motion, radioactivity, waves, the Solar System, the stars and beyond. As usual, the programme and the accompanying website ( give short revision lessons on all topics, with multi-choice tests. An invaluable aid.

Shakespeare: The Animated Tales. BBC2. Saturday, June 8, 3-5am

A ground-breaking series of animations by Russian directors, produced by S4C and scripted by the late Leon Garfield, which has been acclaimed for its success in introducing 11 to 14-year-olds to Shakespeare, using some of the original language. The four plays being broadcast here include Marsha Muat's delightful puppet version of Twelfth Night and Nikolai Serebriakov's vivid interpretation of Macbeth.

Peak Performance 2. C4 Video: pound;19.99

The summer is a good time to get fit. What you do may depend on your body type: Individual Differences, the first programme in this second series of Peak Performance, looks at the physical requirements for anyone who wants to excel in gymnastics, basketball or rowing. Presenters Sally Gunnell and Jeremy Guscott have a go at some of them. The three programmes are out on video and there are teachers' notes at: www.channel4.comlearning shop. After body types, we see how technology contributes to sport, and Sport and the Media, in which Sally visits West Ham to find out how sponsorship, TV and transfer fees have changed football.

Rewind. C4 Video. pound;19.99.

An inspiring, five-part series on musical composition, introduced by Courtney Pine, which has just finished its first run on C4 and will be available on video this month. Taking a piece of music in a different genre each week, the films "wind back" from a performance of the work to see how it evolved. Courtney Pine talks about his composition, The Jazz Step, and the significance of improvisation, while another programme looks at Debbie Wiseman's method in composing film music.

Full educational programme schedules can be found at: tionlzoneguide.shtml There are no more 4 Learning programmes until September.

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Robin Buss

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