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Tell it like it is

ANOTHER who will not be sending a gift is Tim Brighouse, Woodhead's bete noire, who served with him as joint chair of the Government's standards taskforce. The chief education officer of Birmingham couldn't resist telling this joke at last week's conference for new heads in London.

"A man travels to OFSTED and asks for a meeting with Chris Woodhead in January," Brighouse began. 'I'm sorry, but Mr Woodhead won't be with us in January,' e is told.

"The next day, he comes back and asks again. The receptionist responds: 'I told you yesterday, he's won't be here in January. I cannot help you any further.'

"Undeterred, the punter returns the next day with the same demand. 'Look, for the third and final time, Chris Woodhead will not be with us in January,' the receptionist growls. 'I know,' comes the cheery response. 'I just wanted to hear it once more'.''

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