Ten minutes can make all the difference

There is no better feeling than when students and staff are still discussing your assembly days (even weeks) later.

It was great to read Tom Finn-Kelcey's article ("Assemblies are more than worth the hassle", Comment, 23 August) and I agree that the power of the assembly is underused. I have been lucky enough to have delivered many an assembly, and even luckier to have worked in schools where assemblies are valued.

In each school there is always a core group of staff who "get" assemblies. These staff spend hours planning for just 10 minutes (often longer than a lesson plan) and the best ones challenge student and staff thinking.

As the article points out, though, some assemblies are more like watching a car crash in super slow motion. Forget the religious element, it's the moment of reflection that counts. That 10 minutes can have more of an impact on a child than anything else they do that day or week.

Assembly-loving assistant vice-principal, Leicester.

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