A wean in a manger

17th December 2010 at 00:00

Stenhousemuir Primary was due to perform its nativity play today - in Scots. A Stenhousemuir Yairn, performed by around 100 P1-P2s, was written by teacher Christine Hodges. It features an emperor who "sticks his neb in" and wise men "keekin at the stars", while Jesus is "a wee stoater!" One passage reads: "It was an angel! He wis cawed Gabriel. Mary got an awfy fricht. The Angel Gabriel telt her she wid hae a bonnie wee laddie and he wis to be cawed Jesus." Mrs Hodges, Scots language representative for the Larbert High cluster, said: "I think this makes the Christmas story more accessible and less tricky for children and parents."

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