Download of the Week - The Tiger Who Came to Tea

20th November 2009 at 00:00

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What is it?

A collection of printable sequencing cards and pictures for lessons on the story The Tiger Who Came to Tea.

How can it be used?

These cards can be used with workbooks, or as whole-class activities to introduce children to the story, or as a refresher activity once the story has been told. Using the cards as visual aids will improve pupils' comprehension of the story.

Classroom ideas

Divide the class into teams and give each one a set of cards to put in to sequence. Suggest that pupils colour in each card first, to focus their attention on what is depicted in the picture. You could also print the cards in larger format and give one to each group, and then display them in the classroom once they have been coloured in. Encourage children to make up their own stories using the cards and see what alternative scenarios they can come up with.

Why is it successful?

This is an effective visual tool to engage pupils while also emphasising the meaning of the story.

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