New board at IfL

21st May 2010 at 01:00

The Institute for Learning (IfL) has elected a new non-executive board completing the body's overhaul of governance. The board, which will provide strategic direction for the IfL, comprises Govind Bharadia, Anne Brookes, John Chorley, Sue Crowley, Lisette D'Cruz, Rania Hafez, Jacki Hughes, Ed Sallis and Mick Smith. The three stakeholder representatives are Association of Colleges chief executive Martin Doel, Universities' Council for the Education of Teachers executive director James Noble- Rogers, and University and College Union national official Dan Taubman. Toni Fazaeli, chief executive of the IfL, said: "This completes our new governance structure, which was designed, in consultation with members, to allow better member representation, a greater focus on policy matters, and cost savings to develop valuable benefits."

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