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TES award winner

Thanks to hard work, enthusiasm and a sense of humour Neil Wooliscroft, 33, winner of this year's TESYoung Engineers Teacher's Award, has succeeded in building up a hugely successful technology club at his school.

The award, sponsored by The TES in association with Young Engineers, promotes interest in engineering and technology among pupils. The winner receives a trophy and a Pounds 100 cheque.

Mr Wooliscroft, head of design and technology at Scawsby Ridgewood comprehensive in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, spends every lunchtime at the 50-member club and two evenings after school apart from Fridays, when he runs the mountain bike group.

The club has achieved high standards, winning regional prizes for the past 12 years in the Young Engineer for Britain competition.

Pupils who want to join have to come up with a new invention which they design and see through to the finished article.

"The staff work hard, but we get a lot of fulfilment from the club because the pupils go home smiling, really pleased with what they've done," Mr Wooliscroft says.

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