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TES forums - Not top of the forms, but it has its uses


"The SEF is time-consuming but it is essential because without it inspectors know nothing but raw data about your school. Once it is done, updating is far less onerous. Remember the two days' notice is the maximum - I, and several others I know, had a phone call at lunchtime and had the rest of that day and the following day to tidy up any loose ends and support staff. Especially not good news when it is in the first week of term as well!"


"One of our local authority advisers (who is also an Ofsted inspector) told us that not having a SEF was a trigger for a visit!"


"The SEF is a corporate document. All the governors should see it regularly and key governors need to know it well as these should be the ones you would wish to put up to any inspection team. Similarly with key staff."


"The SEF is a non-compulsory document. Your knowledge of your school and ability to identify priorities alongside the articulation of collective and cohesive action plans is more important."

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