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TES Forums - 'Thank God BSF is over'

coalwoman 57

BSF was ill thought-out from the start. I have never seen such ridiculous "plans" in all the Inset days I have wasted on the subject. Thank heavens it is over. I feared all schools would end up looking like a cross between Ikea and a shopping mall.


Shiny new buildings generally equate to incredibly small classrooms built to the minimum standards, where every shelf, socket, etc, is additional to the cost of the build. As with all building projects, you can take the quoted price, double it, add the number you first thought of and you still won't have the final cost! The same goes for the projected time for the build. It's just one of many ways the public sector is shafted by the private sector.


I teach in one of those glasshouses. I still fail to see what was wrong with the old school. Amazing how the schools in the French town I come from are often several centuries old (some of them started off as convents or seminaries). They have been modernised and well looked after over the years and seem to be perfectly fine and still serve the purpose of educating kids.


If many of the academies do not get their shiny new buildings, I'll be amazed.


We're due to move into a new building in September 2012 - a combination of a CofE primary, Catholic primary and Catholic and CofE secondary. All staff were hoping we'd be on the "cancelled" list - we don't want to merge into a super school, but we've been listed as "unaffected". Typical!

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