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TES Forums - 'You explain the dangers, but they don't listen'

  • Dingdongdark
    • Poor girl. Reading this had me in tears.

      • Mangleworzle
        • Had a similar effect on me too. What a nightmare scenario it must have been, and with something as seemingly innocuous as plaster of Paris.

          Remind me to always check the Hamp;S and hazcards, however annoying they may seem - they are there for a reason.

          • Sirhenry
            • Dreadful. Almost as bad a scenario as being buried alive.

              • Finisterre
                • I thought everybody knew that plaster of Paris can be very bad news. Most schools use ModRoc because of the dangers. I suppose they probably thought PoP is some magical substance that carries no risks. I am amazed.

                  • Dingdongdark
                    • I agree that PoP and materials like MDF are perhaps not right for the school workplace. Even when you explain the dangers (of) the composition of PoP and MDF, the little horrors nowadays can't resist blowing it about. tee hee. I blew it on Geofrey. tee hee. and no amount of detentions will stop it. Only a smack round the lugs can cure that - though we might want to clear up all the asbestos from school buildings at the same time as restricting unsuitable materials in the classroom.

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