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Tes magazine podcast 12/4/21: Times tables, presenting and edtech post-Covid

In this week's episode of the Tes magazine debrief podcast, we discuss: 

  • How best to teach times tables - and our favourite multiplication sums
  • Why it's important that edtech gains over the pandemic are not lost
  • Overcoming presenting nerves when talking to other teachers
  • Bear Grylls' time at school

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2 April edition

  • Should exams have time limits?
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  • Spotting girls with ADHD


26 March edition

  • How crisis fatigue can affect teachers and what leaders can do about it
  • The balance between simplistic language and complicated language (and how to know when to use which one)
  • Why the A-level step-up can be hard for students and teachers



19 March edition

  • The biggest insights from the past 12 months of Covid.
  • When we realised how big an impact the coronavirus was going to have.
  • Why documenting teachers' experience of the pandemic is so important.
  • Could there be a leadership exodus as normality returns?
  • A (sort of) impossible maths quiz


12 March edition

  • What will the Covid vaccine rollout mean for schools?
  • The science behind silence in the classroom
  • Why not all feedback is equal


5 March edition

  • What do we really mean by catch-up, anyway?
  • How to spot a sociopath or psychopath in your workplace
  • Why the quiet children are finding their own way – as a rock star tells us

26 February edition

  • Can we do away with grades forever?
  • Why analogies can work wonders – and when they fall short
  • How to teach creativity
  • Going back to full schools from 8 March


19 February edition

  • Why do some pupils struggle with exams?
  • An alternative way to teach spelling
  • The joy of laminators
  • The next My Best Teacher podcast

12 February edition

  • What do we mean when we ask pupils to 'put in more effort'?
  • Masculinity in primary school
  • Starting lessons with something different
  • 90s playground games

5 February edition

  • Are lesson observations really that helpful?
  • Practical ways to save money in school
  • The joy of reading corners

29 January edition

  • What schools can do to support teachers suffering through menstruation
  • Why rote learning sometimes has its place
  • Phonics and spelling
  • Radical candour – and why it should be on leaders' radars

22 January edition

  • Can you really measure four-year-olds’ academic progress?

  • How to spot if you’re being manipulated
  • What causes uncontrollable classroom laughter?
  • An insight into the next My Best Teacher podcast


15 January edition

  • Why we need to understand the mind and the brain together
  • Does a headteacher need an office?
  • The worrying problem of revenge porn and how to tackle it
  • The school in Japan that promotes a sense of adventure


8 January edition

    • Are reading ages useful for teachers – and children?
    • Pupils going shoeless in the classroom
    • Why we blush – and why it's not something to overlook in school
    • We discuss some of our best teachers ahead of the launch of an exciting new podcast from Tes...


    1 January edition

    • Is it ever OK to swear in school?
    • Would you want a robot AI reader helping pupils in your class?
    • Can a dictator leadership style deliver results?


    18 December edition

    • The Tes Person of the Year 2020 – and some of those who made the shortlist, too
    • This issue of Tes is free to access online as well, so you can read the full top 10

    11 December edition

    • How teaching changed forever in 2020
    • The social perils of secret Santa
    • How to make your primary classroom gender-neutral
    • Our favourite childhood toys


    4 December edition

    • How schools can work with other agencies to support all pupils
    • Why the state of your school toilets matters
    • Can we ever solve the motivation conundrum?


    27 November edition

    • Is learning an innate skill inherited from prehistoric times?
    • How to spot if there are SLT "gangs" at your school
    • Teachers’ most overused words

    • How fancy – or not – should your classroom greetings be?


    20 November edition

    • What happens if you teach university-level content to Year 7s?
    • Why every school needs a “behaviour beast”
    • Should sex education continue in post-16 education?
    • Why a new mug could be the perfect gift for teachers

    13 November edition

    • The complex causes of distractions in classrooms – and how to stop them
    • Why doughnut leadership is a must
    • How to cast your nativity play more fairly
    • The launch of a Tes Christmas initiative connecting classrooms to care homes

    6 November edition

    • The self-diagnosis crisis hitting schools
    • Why smiling – even fake smiling – is so important in teaching, and what face masks do to disrupt that
    • How Covid-19 restrictions are hitting the social fabric of colleges


    30 October edition

    • A huge forgotten research project from the 1970s proved the value of Direct Instruction – or did it?
    • How we can use our fists to teach pupils to regulate their anger
    • The funny walk we all do as we approach a stage
    • Teachers’ scariest school moments ahead of Hallowe’en

    23 October edition: Prejudiced pedagogy, display boards and behaviour


    16 October edition: Children, chairs and cake

    9 October edition: Comfort feedback, pointing and pens


    2 October edition: EYFS, plants and lying


    25 September edition: Slant, nonsense and rude words


    18 September edition: Trust, popularity and make-up

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