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TES resources downloaded one-million times a day

The TES website passed a major landmark this week when the number of teaching resources downloaded passed the one million mark in a single day for the first time.

The achievement, which includes downloads across all TES platforms – TES Connect, TES Australia and TES India, as well as US sister site Share My Lesson – means that close to 12 resource downloads are taking place every second. 

And the downloads were by no means limited to the four countries where the TES is based; the statistics show that downloads occurred in 190 countries across six continents.

The types of resources downloaded were equally diverse; over 128,000 resources were downloaded on 177 distinct topics – the most popular subjects being maths, English and history.

The most popular resource over the 24 hours where the million downloads took place was a topical one; a Bonfire Night-themed PowerPoint on the Gunpowder Plot.

Shared by TES user kittella83, the presentation, described by one other teacher as "perfect for an assembly", has been downloaded nearly 6,000 times over Monday and Tuesday alone. 

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