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TES speaker: Linda Roberts

Linda Roberts, the speaker invited by The TES to BETT'98, is unable to to leave Washington DC because of legislative commitments. However, her presentation and discussion will take place in the form of a video-conference via a high-capacity telephone line (ISDN).

The director of the Office of Educational Technology within the US Department of Education, the first holder of such a post in the White House, has played a key role in shaping US educational technology strategy. She believes in making technology available to all, especially for those with special needs.

Linda Roberts' talk is entitled "Preparing America's students for the 21st century: the Clinton administration's Initiative." How will the President's $2 billion technology initiative bring interactive learning resources to America's teachers and students? How are federal strategies linked to the efforts of of the states and local communities and the private sector? How are these efforts making a difference in America's classrooms and whatchallenges remain?

She will explain how hi-tech resources can be brought to schools, and the difference they can make on the frontline: in the classroom. Examining how these lessons can be assimilated into a British system, she will expand on her "absolute belief that these technologies are tools for teaching and learning".

The presentation and discussion will be mediated by Professor Stephen Heppell who runs the Ultralab research and support unit at Anglia Polytechnic University. Linda Roberts' talk is at 11am on Thursday, January 15, Room A.

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