The TES Watercooler Question

Each week we aim to test the mood of the teaching community on a burning issue, some pressing and serious, while others will be more lighthearted

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This week's question is:

Will you be voting Labour at the next election?

Let us know by taking part in the poll in the right-hand column

Last week's poll:

Do you believe formative assessment works?

No: 16% Yes: 84%

Previous polls:

Are free school meals for all primary pupils worth the cost?

No: 72% Yes: 28%

Which doyou prefer - Strictly Come Dancing, The X Factor or The Great British Bake Off?

Strictly: 14% X Factor: 10% Bake Off: 76%

Can parental involvement in school go too far?

No: 10% Yes: 90%

Are you looking forward to the new term?

No: 52% Yes: 48%

Do schools place too much emphasis on GCSEs?

No: 31% Yes: 69%

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