TES webchats - how you can get involved

Find out what webchats we've got coming up through to December 2012.

Gail Robinson

Here's our schedule for webchats through the autumn term. If you've got any ideas of people you'd like to chat to, or you've got questions that you'd like to ask in advance of any our chats, just drop us an email to webchat@tes.co.uk with the word webchat in the subject line.

We will be updating this schedule regularly with direct links to the specific chats so don't forget to bookmark this page.

Wednesday 19 December, 11am - Father Christmas

Here at TES we've been particularly well-behaved this year, and so we've been granted special access to the North Pole to talk to the jolly man in red a week before the main event. It's a chance for your pupils to chat to Santa!

Watch previous webchats

Culture in the classroom

Join us for a roundtable discussion about the evolving role of museums, galleries and other cultural organisations within education.

Toby Young

TES behaviour adviser Tom Bennett interviews the co-founder of the West London Free School about his educational philosophy.Watch a recording of the Tom Bennet and Toby Young webchat

Beat Bullying in your school

Join TES and Beat Bullying for a live lesson to help make bullying unacceptable in your school. Watch a playback of Beat Bullying in your school

Frank Cottrell Boyce

The award-winning author will be stopping by the TES offices to talk about a number of topics, including his books for children and his authorship of the Olympic opening ceremony.Watch a playback of the Frank Cottrell Boyce webchat

Speak up for school libraries

Librarian Barbara Band joins us to talk about the campaign to make libraries a statutory requirement for schools.Watch a playback of the Barbara Band webchat

PGCE students: surviving your placements

Join teacher trainer James Williams and recent PGCE student Nicola Davison for practical advice on placements. Watch a playback of the PGCE students: surviving your placements webchat.

Tom Bennett on "Why aren't they behaving yet?"

Our resident behaviour guru answers your queries about how to deal with behaviour issues once the honeymoon period with a new class has ended. Watch a playback of the Tom Bennett webchat

Lord Robert Winston

We chat to Professor Winston about his work as a professor, a medical doctor, a scientist, a television presenter, an author and a politician. Watch a playback of the Professor Winston webchat

Stephen Woolley - Great Expectations

Film producer Stephen Woolley discusses adapting books for the screen, with a focus on his new movie based on the Dickens classis, Great Expectations. Watch a playback of the Stephen Woolley webchat

Pornography and pupils

Teacher Chloe Combi, together with PSHE expert Alice Hoyle, also a teacher, discuss the impact of widespread access to pornography among today's pupils and how schools and teachers can or should manage the consequences. Watch a playback of the pornography and pupils webchat

Ellen MacArthur

Sailor Ellen MacArthur on inspiring a generation to re-think, re-design and build a positive future through the vision of a circular economy. Watch a playback of Ellen's webchat

University applications: Oxbridge

Oxford academic Peter Claus and Ken Warman, principal of Bsix Brooke House sixth form college, will be here to talk about conventional and unconventional ways to help your students when they're applying to Oxford and Cambridge. Watch a playback of the Oxbridge webchat

Julia Donaldson

The woman behind The Gruffalo and the current Children's Laureate will be chatting about her work, children's literacy and her campaign to save libraries. Watch a playback of Julia's webchat

Anthony Horowitz

Anthony Horowitz is the man behind the hugely successful series of Alex Rider novels. He is about to publish the final in his critically acclaimed Power of Five sequence, Oblivion, and he was online to answer your questions. Watch a playback of Anthony's webchat

Alan Watkinson

Alan Watkinson is double gold medal winner Mo Farah's former PE teacher and was the best man at his wedding. We asked him questions about discovering and nurturing sporting talent. Watch a playback of Alan's webchat

Henry Winkler

Actor and author Henry Winkler - instantly recognisable to many as "The Fonz" from Happy Days - joined us to talk about his work supporting children's literacy and dyslexia. Watch a playback of Henry's webchat

Michael Rosen

It seemed only right that on Roald Dahl day we invited in the author of the first ever authorized children's biography of Dahl. Michael answered your questions on children's literature and literature in education. Watcha playback of Michael's webchat

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Gail Robinson

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