TES winner seeks Nicole

It was one of those days for Martin Bennett. The autumn term had barely begun, playtime was in full swing and then there came this phone call from TES marketing manager Sandie Owens breaking the good news that he had won one of two Renault Clios in our summer competition.

"I took some convincing that it wasn't a staffroom wind-up. I just never expected to win," says Mr Bennett, who teaches at Warwick Road junior, infant and nursery school in Batley, West Yorkshire. "It was playtime when Sandie called. I wasn't really listening because the kids were running around like mad things. " Mr Bennett only decided to enter the competition, which ran for six weeks over the holidays, when he came to do some planning for the autumn.

"I was doing cut-and-paste exercises when I remembered I hadn't cut out the TEScompetition tokens. So I took a break and posted them there and then. Now I'm a very very happy teacher indeed."

Mr Bennett does still have one small criticism of his prize: "As it's a Renault, why didn't Nicole come with it?" "It's been a great start to term, " says the other prize-winner, Sian Morgan, a primary teacher at Ysgol Parc Y Bont in Anglesey. "Not only have I won a Renault, but I've just got engaged. "

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