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TESpro links and references - 130712

All the weblinks and references from the July 13 2012 edition of TESpro in one place

All the weblinks and references from the July 13 2012 edition of TESpro in one place


Educating for the apocalypse- End of the world as we know it

Thomas, Louise (2012) Rethinking the importance of teaching, RSA


Sustainable Development Commission (2009) Prosperity without Growth? The transition to a sustainable economy

Ofsted (2009) Education for sustainable development: improving schools - Improving lives

Department for Children, Schools and Families, Sustainable schools teaching resource, hosted by SEEd

For more details on the Zombie-based Learning geography curriculum see

Bassey, Michael (2011) Education for the Inevitable: Schooling When The Oil Runs Out, Book Guild

Facer, Keri (2011) Learning Futures: Education, Technology and Social Change, Routledge

Hopkins, Rob (2011) The Transition Companion: making your community more resilient in uncertain times, Transition Culture,

Lemke, Jay L., Becoming the Village: Education across lives (2002) in Wells, Gordon and Claxton, Guy, Learning for Life in the 21st Century: Sociological Perspectives of the Future, Wiley-Blackwell


How to send bad trips packing

Tom Bennett's blog

Tom's new book "Teacher: mastering the art and craft of teaching and learning" is published by Continuum.

To pose your questions to our behaviour experts, add a new thread here:


The Brilliant Club

The Atmos magazine project


To pose questions to the TESpro Career Clinic, visit:


Why young children should learn the lingo

Therese Comfort is Languages Education Lead for Primary, CfBT Education Trust,

Lessons from abroad: International review of primary languages, Teresa Tinsley and Therese Comfort, CfBT Education Trust, www.cfbt.comresearch


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