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TESpro links and references - 141011

All the weblinks and references from the October 14 2011 edition of TESpro in one place

All the weblinks and references from the October 14 2011 edition of TESpro in one place

propedagogy - Peer learning: oil or a spanner in the works?

Free videos on The TES site

"Peer to Peer Assessment"

A lesson idea for peer-to-peer assessment in KS34 maths. A Teachers TV video

"Self Assessment and Peer-to-Peer Marking"

One school's approach to self-assessment in peer-to-peer marking. A Teachers TV video


"Toolkit of Strategies to Improve Learning Summary for Schools. Spending the Pupil Premium - Technical Appendices", Sutton Trust, June 2011

"Cooperative learning in science: intervention in the secondary school" Research in Science and Technical Education,March 2011

"Outcomes in a randomised controlled trial of mathematics tutoring", Education Research, February 2010

"Supporting group work in Scottish primary classrooms: improving the quality of collaborative dialogue", CambridgeJournal of Education, March 2009

"Effects of group work training on science attainment in rural and urban schools", Research in Science amp; Technological Education, April 2008

"Improving attainment across a whole district: school reform through peer tutoring in a randomized controlled trial", School Effectiveness and School Improvement, July 2011

"Cooperative Learning in Science: Follow-up from primary to high school", International Journal of Science Education, June 2009

Additional references without links

"Peer tutoring in reading: The effects of role and organization on two dimensions of self-esteem", British Journal of Education Psychology, (2010), 80, 417-433

"Group work in elementary science: Towards organisational principles for supporting pupil learning", Learning and Instruction 17 (2007) 549e563

"A Review of the Effects of Peer Tutoring on Students with Mild Disabilities in Secondary Settings" (EJ817518), Exceptional Children, v74 n1 p8-30 Fall 2007


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proresearch - It's not about black versus white

The Politics of Education: Challenging Multiculturalism, edited by M Vronyides and C Kassimeris, is published by Routledge.

Gill Crozier

Multiculturalism and Education, by Richard Race, is published by Continuum.

Richard Race


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