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propedagogy - Avoiding Death by PowerPoint

Add something extra to PowerPoint

MOUSE MISCHIEF: Enables the use of up to 24 wireless mice linked to the white board


STAMP: Subtitling tool that allows closed captions to video and audio files in presentations.


Plex for PowerPoint: Zoom into slide sections and move between slides that are not sequential. Create a master background slide that allows you to zoom in and out of all the slides.


Or alternatively.

PowerPoint isn't the only software for putting presentations on screen. Alternatives include.


Already gaining popularity with UK teachers, this cloud-based system allows you to create dynamic presentations. Pictures, text and other information can be laid out as a mind-map, or in any way or size you like, and there is a real "wow-factor" as the camera flies between the information. Free licences available for teachers.



The OpenOffice equivalent to Microsoft's PowerPoint (or Apple's Keynote) - so it is free and open source. It can read Microsoft PowerPoints, and export slides as PDFs and presentations as Adobe Flash files.


Googledocs Presentations

Googledocs offers a suite of cloud-based work programmes, including one that makes presentations. Although simpler than PowerPoint, it is free, and multiple users can edit a single presentation or document at the same time on different computers - handy for collaborative classroom work.


A Prezi presentation on alternatives to PowerPoint is at:



Stockley's Lego Education Centre



Paul Dix is author of `Taking Care of Behaviour' (PearsonLongman) and lead trainer at www.pivotaleducation.com He is on Twitter: @PivotalPaul

Tom Bennett's blog


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Achievement for All National Evaluation: Final report



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