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TESpro links and references - 181111

All the weblinks and references from the November 18 2011 edition of TESpro in one place

All the weblinks and references from the November 18 2011 edition of TESpro in one place

propedagogy - Enquiry-based learning

Personal Inquiry project for the toolkit

http:www.tlrp.orgtel for the "next generation problem solvers"

Roger Sutcliffe

Expansive Education network

Open Futures

Additional references

Paul A Kirschner, John Sweller and Richard E Clark (2006) Why minimal guidance during instruction does not work: An analysis of the failure of constructivist, discovery, problem-based, experiential and inquiry-based teaching, Educational Psychologist, 41:2, 75-86

Cindy E Hmelo-Silver, Ravit Golan Duncan and Clark A Chinn (2006) Scaffolding and Achievement in Problem-Based and Inquiry Learning: A response to Kirschner, Sweller and Clark, Educational Psychologist, 42: 2, 99-107

John Sweller, Paul A Kirschner and Richard E Clarke (2007) Why minimally guided teaching techniques to not work: a reply to commentaries, Educational Psychologist 42: 2, 115-121

Jerome Bruner. 1962. The Process of Education. Harvard University Press.


Faith to Faith - from the Tony Blair Faith Foundation


An extract from Gererd Dixie's new book, Getting on Better with Teenagers: Improving Behaviour and Learning through Positive Relationships, published by Continuum (pound;17.99)http:bit.lyrcCoEi

Tom Bennett's blog

To pose your questions to our behaviour experts, add a new thread here:


Verbal and non-verbal intelligence changes in the teenage brain

Sue Ramsden, Fiona M. Richardson, Goulven Josse, Michael S. C. Thomas, Caroline Ellis, Clare Shakeshaft, Mohamed L. Seghier amp; Cathy J. Price

The stability of individual differences in mental ability from childhood to old age: follow-up of the 1932 Scottish Mental Survey


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