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The TESS Archive - 26 February 1971

The Month - Alan Shepard became the first man to play golf on the moon and UK banks launched The Decimal Currency

The Month - Alan Shepard became the first man to play golf on the moon and UK banks launched The Decimal Currency

Contraception quiz at Aberdeen

All unmarried female students at Aberdeen University have been issued with a questionnaire asking about their knowledge and use of contraceptive methods. It is distributed by staff from the university's department of mental health, who hope to gather information about factors underlying unwanted pregnancies. They emphasise that it is strictly scientific and has no moral intention, but is intended as a serious investigation into a serious problem.

Labour against church schools

Denominational schooling is no longer in the interests of Scottish education, says the first of the education resolutions in the conference booklet for the Labour Party's Scottish Council's 56th annual conference. Of the 16 education resolutions in the booklet, the first five - from East Renfrewshire, Leith, West Edinburgh, Central Ayrshire and Hillhead - call for integration of denominational schools. The next, from North Aberdeen, says it should no longer be compulsory for schools to provide religious education.

The B.Ed dilemma

If both Strathclyde and Stirling are to be running B.Ed courses along with colleges of education, Scotland will have still more variety in the styles of its teacher training. It needs variety, comments The TESS. The unified system that existed until Stirling brought the innovation of its degree- cum-training BA course has already hardened into a proudly rigid tradition.

Management offer is set out

Management's pound;51 million Burnham offer would mean an initial increase of 8 per cent for every teacher. The offer represents in effect 8.8 per cent, to assimilate present members of the profession to the appropriate scale under restructuring proposals. The proposals over which talks have broken down are based on five new scales: Scale 1: pound;1,055 rising to pound;2,090; Scale 2: pound;1,195 rising to pound;2,130; Scale 3: pound;1,420 rising to pound;2,280; Scale 4: pound;1,850 rising to pound;2,710; Scale 5: pound;2,229 rising to pound;3,005. Deputy headteachers: scales according to size of school, from pound;1,335 rising to pound;2,130, to pound;3,631 rising to pound;3,965. Headteachers: scales according to size of school, from pound;2,030 rising to pound;2,310, to pound;4,930 rising to pound;5,275.

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