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Test yourself: Key stage 2 maths Sats

Would you pass a key stage 2 Sats test? Try this mini version to find out.

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Would you pass a key stage 2 Sats test? Try this mini version to find out.

The questions are adapted from the 2016 sample mathematics reasoning papers published by the DfE Standards & Testing Agency.

  1. What number is halfway between 1.4 and 2.1?


  2. Write the two missing digits to make this long multiplication correct.

    Question 2


  3. Round 124,531 to the nearest 1,000


  4. A shaded isosceles triangle is drawn inside a rectangle. Calculate the size of angle a.

    Question 4

  5. Seven children measured their heights.

    What is the mean height of the children? Give your answer in centimeters.

    Question 5


  6. Here is a number written in Roman numerals.

    C X V

    Write the number in figures.


  7. Large pizzas cost £8.50 each. Small pizzas cost £5.75 each.

    Five children together buy one large pizza and three small pizzas. They share the cost equally. How much does each child pay?


  8. One gram of gold costs £32.94.

    What is the cost of half a kilogram of gold?

  9. Write the missing number. 

    One is done for you.

    Question 9

  10. What is 444 minutes in hours and minutes?


The answers are in italic below.





1) 1.75
2) 1; 2
3) 125,000
4) 104 degrees
5) 145cm
6) 115
7) £5.15
8) £16,470
9) 257
10) 7 hours and 24 minutes

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