Texts and translations

A range of learning materials in Gaelic has been produced by the Scottish Qualifications Authority, which already manages the general 5-14 national assessment bank, an online resource with assessment tools for teachers.

This is being extended to include materials in Gaelic for maths, reading and writing. In maths, there will be 10 assessments at each level from A to F, covering information-handling; numbers, money and measurement; shape position and movement; and problem-solving.

There are now 36 different reading assessments, also covering all six levels, using Gaelic texts rather than translations of English texts. Work is underway to increase this to 60.

Some 24 writing assessments have been developed, along with nine in writers' crafts. These are translations from English that have been chosen by Gaelic teachers as particularly appropriate.

Janet Brown, SQA chief executive, said: "This is another example of how we are working hard to support our Gaelic community, and Gaelic learning."

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