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Thank God it's Friday


Tyrone is sent in for frightening other pupils with a stuffed ferret while I wonder why there are no children in school. But it's not Tyrone - the duty teacher has lost her voice and cannot direct classes inside. For once we are glad of Sharon's loud voice and she does the honours. Kelly gives me her mother's ring for safe keeping. I'm still wearing it when I get home.


I'm working off-site when a parent reports her purse has been stolen during a swimming lesson. The caretaker phones late in the evening to say there has been a break-in. Good job I was wearing Kelly's mother's ring.


The cook says a block of cheese is missing. The police visit and take a swab of a spot of blood found near a door. We later remember that Ryan had a nose bleed yesterday and think the blood is probably his. We have to reassure him that he will not be arrested for theft. I give the ring to Kelly's teacher to look after.


Refurbishment work begins today; we decide going across the roof is the quickest option for moving resources, and hope the locals don't report that the school is being raided. I later wonder if the staff are too dependent on my leadership when a teacher asks if she should wash three teaspoons she's dropped on the roof. Kelly's teacher emails to tell me she has gone home wearing Kelly's mother's ring.


Ryan lands awkwardly during PE but says he's fine. Then he throws himself to the floor and tells me his toe is broken. I am doubtful, but ask his mum to take him to Aamp;E. Kelly's teacher tells me she has returned the ring.

Kelly's mum says she will tell the police it's not been stolen. I ring Ryan's mum. His toe is broken.

Carole Farrar is head of New Earswick primary school, York

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