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A headteacher looks at life from a special perspective

Monday My name is Michael Jonathan Smith. I know much more than my teacher about rockets. Miss Wain is my teacher's name. I am taking a picture of a rocket to school for her. She will pin it on the board with my other pictures.

I go into the music room for a man in a blue striped suit to speak to me.

He asks me about my interests and I talk to him about rockets. I know more about rockets than him. I then do a lot of word puzzles and maths puzzles which are easy. I show him where he has mud on his trousers.

Mother is angry when I will not come to the table for tea. She tells me to put my t-shirt on but I don't want to because I'm hot. She is angry when I sit at the table with my shirt on my head, and sends me to my room. I think it is unfair as she didn't say I had to wear my shirt on my back.

Tuesday Father gives me a set of pens. He takes out the yellow because I do not like yellow. I colour in my rocket and take it to school for Miss Wain.

She will put it on the board with my other pictures.

Today Miss Wain is not in school. An old teacher called Mrs Brown teaches us. She has long black hairs on her upper lip. She shouts at me because I am swinging on my chair. This is not fair because other children in class swing on chairs. I tell her she is not fair. She sends me to the headteacher. His name is Mr Adams. He tells me to apologise. I will not because that is unfair.

When father comes home I am sent to my room while he talks with mother about the phone call from Mr Adams. They shout. I put my hands over my ears.

Wednesday Miss Wain says I have to see Mr Adams. He says that sometimes things happen in school which I might think are unfair, but I still have to do what the teacher says. I tell him that last month he read us a story in assembly about a Chinese wise man who thought that what he was told to do was wrong and he did not do it, even though the emperor was going to execute him. Mr Adams turns away but I see him smile.

At "show and tell" I show my pictures of rockets and talk about the Ariane 5 rocket. It has a launcher which is 30 metres high. It has a Vulcain rocket engine. It uses liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen propellants. The solid rocket boosters are 30 metres high. They give 90 per cent of the thrust. Miss Wain says I have to stop because it's home time.

Thursday I sit at my place on the bench in the far corner of the playground and read my rocket magazine. Evan Green sits with me but he says he's bored with rockets and runs off to play "it". I don't play this game because people keep touching me.

At lunch time my lunch-box is not there, even though I put it there. Mr Adams says I have to have a school dinner. It's fish fingers, mashed potatoes, carrots and yellow corn. I do not eat it because of the corn, and Mr Adams is angry.

Friday At break I hit Evan Green and he cries. Mr Adams asks me why I hit him and I explain that Evan copied me stammering, and all the boys laughed at me. Mr Adams says I must learn to play properly. He says I have to pull my socks up. My socks won't pull up. They are short socks. Mother and father have a long talk. They say I won't be going back to school again.

I'm not sure what is going to happen.

The writer is a primary head in Surrey. He wants to remain anonymous

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Tes Editorial

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